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When a padel racket begins to show wear or tear, players always ask themselves: is it worth repairing the padel racket or is it better to buy a new one? This is one of the most common questions, because currently, blade repair has become a service that is present in many places. However, players do not always think about what is really best for them, so we tell you everything below.


This question usually appears when you find yourself with the sad moment in which you have a broken paddle tennis racket. There really isn't a concrete answer, because the two options: fixing a paddle tennis racket and buying a new one, have their advantages and disadvantages, in addition to the fact that the decision will depend on the needs and possibilities of the player. However, we will talk a little about the pros and cons, so that you can define which option is best for you. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF REPAIRING THE RACKET


Repairing a paddle tennis racket can have several advantages for the player, but also some disadvantages. Among its main advantages is that of economic savings, since repairing a shovel is, in most cases, cheaper than acquiring a new one. Another advantage is that you can give the racket a little more life, so you don't have to invest in a new one. In the same way, it is one of the favorite alternatives for those players who have a very special affection for their racket and want to keep it for longer. DISADVANTAGES

Regarding the disadvantages, the first is that the repair will not have the same life time as a new blade, since the life time of the blade is only extended for a while longer. A repaired blade is more prone to breakage than a new blade, because despite having been renewed, the wear is still present. Another disadvantage is that sometimes, the centers that repair blades can have high costs or carry out work that is not as efficient. REPAIR A PADEL RACKET OR BUY A NEW ONE?

After talking about the pros and cons of the repair, we believe that the most recommended option will always be to buy a new shovel. Although there are people out there who do excellent repair jobs, we believe there is no better experience than buying a brand new shovel.

This season has been great for the marketing of paddle tennis rackets. Due to the great demand of the players, the brands manufacture more rackets for all game styles and levels, in addition to which they now have more competitive prices. This allows more players to be able to acquire a new racket. In fact, you will be able to find new blades that are not too expensive and therefore more worth it than a repaired blade. In addition, this question also arises from the common question of hundreds of players, which is when to change the paddle tennis racket. There is no specific answer to this, although in general, experts recommend changing the blade at least once a year.

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